Material Processing


The Space Based Manufacturing Specification defines appropriate aspects of Material Processing in order to enable a versatile assortment of tool heads and processing tools that leverage common interfaces.

Material Processing subsystems controllably reconstitute feedstock material into other, more useful forms. Material processing in the space-based environment involves the careful control of the feed material to maintain engineering tolerances on as-built parts.

In the current release of the SBM-Spec, the following Material Processing interfaces are defined:

Tool Head: The tool head interface is defined as a volumetric body with a physical threaded hole pattern for mounting to a manufacturing system, as well as an electrical connection for providing power and data to the tool head.

Tool heads provide both invasive and non-invasive forms of processing and are used throughout many different material processes. Example tool heads include additive manufacturing extruders and subtractive manufacturing end mills.

Throughout this document several approved spaceflight standards will be referenced in order to ensure new developments meet host platform requirements. In general the defacto document to reference is the NASA Payload Safety Policy and Requirements for the International Space Station, document SSP 51700.