Manufacturing Environment |


The Space Based Manufacturing Specification defines appropriate aspects of the Manufacturing Environment in order to enable a seamless interface between material handling and processing in space to create an object.

The Manufacturing Environment encompasses a wide range of aspects, all of which contribute to reliable manufacturing. A controlled manufacturing environment ensures a reliable and predictable manufactured end product. Thus the interfaces released in this document help enable a wide development ecosystem for constant improvement of the production of end-products. 

In the current release of the SBM-Spec, the following Material Environment interfaces are defined:

Build Surface: The build surface interface standard establishes the dimensions and mounting interfaces for a variety of new materials to be developed for the surface by which end-product parts may be built upon. The build surface is generally used in additive manufacturing processes. 

Throughout this document several approved spaceflight standards will be referenced in order to ensure new developments meet host platform requirements. In general, reference the NASA Payload Safety Policy and Requirements for the International Space Station, document SSP 51700.